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Peter Žunk

Just a little introduction
About this blog

How to live your best life?

This blog began as a series of philosophical musings in an attempt to answer this question. I’ve written over 1,000 articles and several free ebooks and guides exploring what it means to get more out of life. The topics of the posts range from technology to news, food and lifestyle.

Recently, the blog has focused on the question: what is the best thing in the world?

This question shaped much of my later writing because I believe that learning about the world is the key to a good life. It even led me to embark on a two-year experiment: a trip around the world, where I tried to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, and a year without meat, where I decided to try a vegetarian lifestyle.

In addition to this blog, my website is also a business where I sell information products and services. My site is ad-free and fully supported by these plugins. However, if you never buy anything from me, I’ll still be glad I had the opportunity to share my ideas with you.

About me

I started writing this blog just before my 20th birthday, so in many ways it has reflected my life as an adult.

The blog started when I was very interested in behavior change, and you can see many articles about this obsession. Later I went to university and started exploring socializing and productivity as research topics. Learning about the world became an important theme and eventually created the foundation for a full-fledged business that I could run, selling courses to students on the methods I discovered.

Finally, when I left school, I was interested in the idea of further self-discovery and career development.

Besides writing, entrepreneurship and philosophy of life, my interests are programming, travelling, cooking and learning anything.